1819 Ornans – 1877 La Tour de Peilz 
Canvas, 89 x 116 cm
Signed lower right “G. Courbet”


Monsieur Gaston Delestre, Secretary-General of Les Amis e Courbet, has supplied us with a certain amount of supplementary information. There exists another and no doubt later version of “The Calf”, showing a very different backround of trees, which came from the collection Bunau-Varilla, and was bought in July 1947 by Monsieur Benatov of Paris. This is dated 1973, and also mentione in Estignard (p.168). We understand is still in M. Benatov’s possession.

There exists also a replica of the Benatov “Calf” bearing a signature of doubtful authenticity, which Les Amis de Courbet consider was painted by Cornu or Pata, and was shown in the Courbet exhibition organized at Montbiliard in 1949, under the title “ The Little bull of Chantrans” Cat. No. 9.

This replica seems without doubt to refer to the copy by Pata, to which Gerstle Mack refers in is book on Courbet, p. 324.


Galerie Barbazanges, Paris
Madleine Castaing, Paris
Mrs. Lloyd Bruce Wescott, USA
Bought by the present owner from Alex Reid & Lefevre Gallery, London, 1975
Private collection, Berlin

Vente Hotel Drouot, Room 12, 19thMarch, 1937, Cat.No.2 reproduced (Auctioneers Messr Maxime Dernis & Jean Dubourg; expert M. Andre Schoeller).
Newark Museum, New Jersey, 1946.
Wildenstein Gallery, New York “Courbet”, December 1948-January 1949, Cat. No. 22, reprod. P. 30, dated “about 1865”.
Montclair Art Museum, New Jersey “The Master Painters”, 1957.
Lefevre Gallery, London “ A Group of XIX & XX Century French Paintings” November.December 1958, Cat. No. 4 reproduced.


A. Estignard « G. Courbet, da vie et ses oevres « 1897, page 185.
Magazine « Illustrated London News », 8thNovember, 1958 (reproduced).