1870 Florac - 1959 Paris
Oil on paper, 27 x 17 cm
Inscribed on the back  « juillet 1896 »


This painting is a close-up view of buildings in the rue Honoré Tessier in Bordeaux. Charles Lacoste was able to paint one of his favourite subject here - urban architecture. 

As a young man, influenced by the writings of Zola, Baudelaire and Villiers de l'Isle-Adam, Lacoste became especially sensitive to the atmosphere of cities - their strange appearance and  aspect. 

The buildings of Bordeaux, depicted here in their rigorous and restrained construction, are monumental and superpose themselves in different fragmented layers. Lacoste accentuates the verticality of the facades as well as the interlacing of roads in an entanglement of neat lines to form a precise geometric pattern. 


Text by Amélie du Closel


Charles Lacoste, 1870-1959 : 60 ans de peinture entre symbolisme et naturalisme, Paris, mairie du XVIe arrondissement, april-may 1895, Beauvais, musée départemental de l’Oise, june - september 1985, Bordeaux, Galerie des Beaux-Arts, novembre 1985, Exposition Catalogue, Paris, 1985. 


Charles Lacoste, BORDEAUX, LA RUE HONORÉ TESSIER, 1895, Oil on paper, 17 x 19 cm