1635 Amsterdam - 1710
Panel, 24,3 cm x 28,7 cm
Signed: ”A. Storck/ Fecit 1686”


Abraham Storck was along with his brothers John and Jacob part of a generation of Amsterdam-based marine painters. They were specialized in the creation of highly entertaining Mediterranean harbor and city images; our painting presents a particularly graceful example of this genre.

Storck constructed his cityscapes, by assembling different palaces of traditional character as well as splendor buildings of his invention with actually existing monuments, which he had torn from their topographical context.

He used these constructs as an impressive and authentic stage where he could place his scenery. It is obvious that Storck was not about the mediation of a southern atmosphere  and lightning, which were the main issue of the Netherland italianisante landscape painters. On the contrary the paintings do not pretend to be serious studies but elegant showpieces for the indulgence of the beholder.

In our painting there can be seen a spacious road leading through balustrades decorated with classical statues past the palace garden and a square with a large fountain.

A spacious road is leading among balustrades with decorated classical statues past the garden of a palace to a square with a large fountain. Behind it you can see another, magnificent building and opposite steps leading to the terraces of a garden. In the foreground a nobleman and his lady riding by a large classical gate on their preciously bridled horses, accompanied by a falconer and a pack of dogs. In the foreground on the right there is a fashionably dressed couple, followed by a liveried boy, walking in the solemn step of his master. A carriage on the road to the well is welcomed by passers-by in awe. Warm evening light falls from the left on the rich anecdotal detail scenery. This lighting highlights the precious bright - colored robes and gives the atmosphere a consistently cheerful note.



Private Collection, Salzburg, Austria

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